Lursey AnxietyPod

Lursey AnxietyPod

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Introducing the Anxiety Pod, a highly effective solution for stopping anxiety and stress, promoting better sleep. This sleep aid machine for adults boasts a relief and stylish design, featuring a simple matte texture that perfectly aligns with the human hand grip. Its round button design allows for easy operation, with just one key to turn on and adjust power. Experience deep sleep every day and alleviate anxiety with the help of this innovative vagus nerve stimulator.

The latest sleep aid device, the Anxiety Pod is specifically designed to assist individuals with insufficient sleep and poor psychological quality in falling asleep quickly. In just 20 minutes, you can achieve a state of relaxation and enjoy the added benefits of migraine relief, anxiety reduction, and stress release. This lightweight calming device is not only easy to use but also versatile, making it suitable for sports, walking, or any other activity. Say goodbye to insomnia, headaches, and pressure with this convenient anxiety relief device that can be used anytime, anywhere.

But the Anxiety Pod is not limited to sleep alone. This remarkable device can also stimulate the cerebral cortex, regulate emotions, and promote a sense of calm. Whether worn in the office or study area, it can help you focus on important matters and enhance productivity. With its easy connectivity to computer USB ports, mobile power, or any power supply, you can enjoy long battery life and uninterrupted relief.

Material: ABS+Stainless Steel
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Input Voltage: DC 5V/1A
Working Power: 0.5W
Charging Time: 1.5H
Charging Port: Micro USB
Color: Blue/Gray/Orange 

Package Includes:
1 Anxiety Pod
1 x Case
1 x USB Cable

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